Introduction to Program

I am excited that you have chosen this meditation 6 week guide. Follow all the sections as they are listed so that you can get the most out of this course. The following video's are going to go over some "you need to know this" before we get started especially if you are a new meditator. Let's make sure we lay the foundation before we start to meditate. I want references that I make along the way to make sense to you and for you to understanding the importance of some foundational techniques.

Also, in conjunction with daily meditation I have always and will always encourage people who want to meditate daily to look at this as a lifestyle which I like to call mindful living. It helps to keep your perspective grounded in being positive. I have come up with 7 mindful living steps based on many things I've read over the years and what the "pros" have also deemed as important attitudes to take on. I have uploaded the mindful living cards. Do yourself a favorite and print it out and post it somewhere you can view it daily.

Mindful Living Card.pdf
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