Introduction to Week 2 Affirmation for the body

This week I want to encourage you to forget about all the things you dislike about your body and learn to accept and embrace what your body actually brings to your life. Meditation is not just about the mind it is about connecting both the mind and body together.

Listening to your body and learning what triggers your body, we will do this by tapping into our mindful movements for the week.

What is a mindful movement? Its moving/stretching with the intention to focus on how your body is feeling while breathing. What are you thinking about while your moving? Your thinking about your breath or your counting. The idea is to really focus on what your doing in the present moment. This will be really good for people who like to switch it up from just sitting meditation to moving, but not too fast because we will end every mindful movement session with some sitting mediation at the end.

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